Pay Using Your Credit Card

When you have finished shopping and click the Check out with PayPal button, the software will transfer you to the PayPal website where you can complete the transaction. You will be presented with a page that looks similar to the following page. On the left side is a summary of your order and on the right side you will choose how you wish to pay. For credit card purchases, click on the words, Don’t have a PayPal account? This will open up the bottom section with fields for you to choose which credit card type you wish to use and to fill in the details required for accepting your card. When you have finished entering your information, click on the Review and Continue button. That will cause a new page to be displayed, showing a review of all the details for final confirmation. Review all the information on the page and if everything looks fine, then click on either of the 2 Pay Now buttons that are circled on the above image. You will then be presented with a new page where you can print yourself a receipt if desired, however an e-mail with all the details will also be mailed to you. Click the link to return to our website and you will briefly see the following message before being returned to our site.
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