Help With The Shopping Cart

After you click on any one of the BUY NOW buttons, you will immediately be taken to the Shopping Cart Checkout page. It looks like this: There you will see the item you chose and its price. Shipping costs will also be shown as well as a total cost to you. Please note that at this point we have not yet connected to PayPal, so no sales tax has been calculated yet! The example above (and the close-up below) has a digital download shown, so there is no shipping charge. Also note that in the above image, at its bottom right, the sidebar of every page shows What Is In Your Cart. In this case, it shows 1 item and its price. Regardless of which page you are on, the number of items in the shopping cart will always be displayed in the right-hand sidebar as shown below (In this case it indicates that 4 items are in the cart). The image was taken from the products page. The VIEW CART button simply takes you back to the Shopping Cart Check-out page. When you have finished shopping and click the Check out with PayPal button, the software will transfer you to the PayPal website where you can complete the transaction. You will be presented with a page that looks similar to the following page.

NOTE: It has been reported that only a blank page was seen instead of the above PayPal Page when using the Fire Fox browser. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome have no known issues.


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Help with paying from your PayPal account.