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Miracle of NamesMiracle of Names is a simple and easy to use book that will keep you entertained while it teaches the essential wisdom of numerology. Look up your name in the index and discover its hidden meaning and potential, or you can calculate the numbers yourself using a simple table of addition. Either way, you will enjoy paging through this volume and sharing it with your friends and family. Explains how to calculate the numerology of names from any culture. Explores the mystical meaning behind names. Reveals the hidden potential within each name. Profiles the major name groups and provides quick reference guides. Teaches the basics of numerology without effort.

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The Most Interesting and Valuable Book That I’ve Ever bought, March 15, 1999
By A Customer

This review is from: Miracle of Names (Paperback)

This book is worth it’s weight in gold. I have used this book to find profiles on celebrities and several people that I know, and found that it is EXTREMELY accurate. In this book it says that you should look up your first name because it is the part of your name that is used most. However after experimenting with this book many times I have found that If you look up your first name and last name it is much more accurate than looking up only your first name. This is a valuable book for finding about every person you come in contact with. It is also a great book for companies who are looking to hire potential employees. If only the publishing company of this book would pump some extra money into advertising this book I m sure it would become a best seller-yes, it’s that good. This book is well worth the price and you will not go wrong buying it!

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