The Complete Course

The Complete Numbers Course –
(includes the working manual and 16 DVDs recorded to a memory stick)

There is absolutely no one that is disappointed after having taken this course. Your eyes will be opened to the meaning of life generally and personally. The First question that emerges in most people’s mind after the first or second class is “Why doesn’t the world know about this”.

Numbers and their qualities define life in its entirety. In other words there is no problem or question about life that is beyond numbers, because all life or form comes into existence through numbers or mathematics.

There are two basic types of people who take this course. Those who are merely fascinated with using this knowledge to study themselves and others from an external view, and then there are those who are able to use this knowledge to explore the subtle influences that work through their daily lives. If we are to live our lives fully we must become conscious of this subtle movement that causes us to respond both positively and negatively to every experience that we encounter. Success in life is in our capacity to adapt to changing circumstances related to the nine lessons defined through numbers.

We become dysfunctional through the imbalance of mind as created through our names. In other words when we cannot adapt to life’s experiences we unconsciously develop a rationale to support us in our escape from the pain that accompanies a difficult situation.

This course explains our escape from life’s difficulties. The simple theory of enlightenment deals simply with becoming conscious of the subtle movement of the ‘nine’ energies or grades of ether as they affect us every day. This is the true meaning in the idea of becoming Self-Conscious or Self-Realized.

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