The Cyclic Law – The Course

The Cyclic Law – The Course
The course includes the book and 6 – 2 hour long CDs recorded onto a memory stick

It is recommended that you first take the course ‘Numbers – The Pathway to God’, in order to understand the nine qualities, but this is not absolutely necessary.

The knowledge of cycles is integral to the understanding of life and of ourselves. We learn about the forces of reason as they express through us when we are able to define our life experience from day to day. Most of our complex problems with our work and in our relationships can become much clearer as we understand the prevailing cycle influence. Again I must say that the mystery of life is merely a matter of becoming conscious of these forces that make up life in the first place. In other words to become self-conscious is to become opened to life itself.

The course offers a step by step instruction of the theory of life as it unfolds through time and the law of cycles. Reason unfolds through human endeavor on the basis of a ‘Nine’ year cycle. This is not a figment of someone’s imagination but can be seen quite clearly as we chart the movement of this life current through our daily, monthly and yearly cycle. In a larger 729 year cycle, and then a smaller 81 year cycle governing ‘great ages’, past history can be clearly observed. What you will discover will prove the logic and truth of the Law.

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(Includes “Cyclic Law” Manual and 11 Hours+ of Audio lessons)