The Manual: The Cyclic Law

The 9 Manuals: The Cyclic Law

These books deal with the mathematical principle that is now used to understand the forces of reason as they affect all life through time or evolution, in the form of rhythms or cycles.

To become more conscious of life or that universal intelligence that moves through us, through time, the knowledge of cycles is invaluable. Our moods, and our motivations change from day to day because of the ever changing cycle influences. Life evolves according to season and the forces of reason that move through rhythms. The greatest lesson that we could learn is that of patience. My point is that in life our efforts follow a natural cycle from seeding to their ultimate harvest.

Try as we may we cannot go against the law of growth or cycle. If we are to be patient and happy it is imperative to know what sort of effort to put forth in specific times in our personal cycle.

These books show you how to work out your personal yearly, monthly and daily cycle and give you an explanation of each.

The wisdom contained in this knowledge is essential to the understanding of who we are and how to reach an understanding of our own true destiny.

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